Home Now Mortgage Program

The Home Now Mortgage Program (Home Now) from E. René Soulé & Associates (ERSA), partnered with LifeCents, helps you understand your overall financial health and take the necessary steps to prepare you for buying a home.

Understanding Your Financial Health

When getting ready to buy a home, buyers should first ensure they have a full understanding of their financial health. Lenders generally view credit worthiness along with savings as key indicators of readiness.

The Home Now program offers a personalized online financial health assessment, through LifeCents, which is accessible from anywhere, at any time. The assessment is designed to improve your financial health. This partnerships helps you to be ready to buy a home in as little as 90 days.

Financial Wellness Plans, Built For You

Financial situations and needs are different for everyone. The Home Now program provides support and guidance, specific to your financial situation, health and goals. Through the Home Now programs, you will:

  • Build a comprehensive financial action plan

  • Learn how to establish and maintain a budget

  • Create a savings plan

  • Receive home ownership counseling from an ERSA professional

With a customized plan and goals in place, Home Now will help you track your progress through LifeCents' activity reports, periodic check-ins, and coaching from the ERSA team.

Borrow Confidently

Borrowing shouldn't be difficult or stressful. The Home Now program lets you know where you stand, provides you with access to resources, helps build you confidence in your financial knowledge and helps you find the home that best fits your budget. Once you are ready, an ERSA representative will connect you with an affiliate Real Estate Agent who will help you find your home and navigate the home buying process.

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